Installation Checklist

S & J Nursery’s Plant Installation Checklist

A Few Things to Note with Installations…

There’s always something that escapes our mind when we get excited about getting in a new tree or plant. We can
picture it right where we want it in our mind and it going to be perfect and planting it is going to be

Then all of the sudden its like if it can go wrong it will when it comes time to plant those big
beautiful trees. That stump from the tree we cut down years ago is still hanging out solid as a rock under the
grass, the cable line runs right under where we wanted the tree, the irrigation will need rerouted to properly
water it, the list just goes on.

Small plants can easily be manipulated around or changed to cover for that electric box we forgot was
there but when it comes to large material sometimes things can get a little hairy.

So here is a checklist to go through that will eliminate surprises and additional expenses when
considering planting a large tree or palm into the landscape.

# 1

Have you called to have the utilities marked?

During installations of plant material buried utilities are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Prices
quoted to plant are for installation into ready-to-plant areas only!

# 2

Are all the plants that may get damaged during the installation of large trees removed and safely
placed in a temporary location?

Removals and transplants of existing plant material should already be done or can be done for you at
additional cost. See your sales associate for details or email us the photos of shrubs and trees needing to be

# 3

Have you checked to make sure that the Bobcat or other machine needed to plant that large tree will fit
through your gate and into your back yard?

All plants larger than 45 gallon (including palms 5 ft and over) must have 6-ft clearance for a Bobcat to
get to the area. (These are heavy-duty machines and they can and will damage sodded areas).

If S&J is doing the installation, all fences, posts, plants, etc. must be moved prior to the scheduled
delivery time.

 If you will need these items removed and replaced for you we are more than happy to do it for you, please
make sure to have it priced and notated on your receipt at the nursery site when scheduling your delivery.

# 4

Is there a stump within 8 ft of where you are wanting to plant your large tree or palm?

Plants being planted where trees have been cut down and the stumps ground out will require additional potting
soil and, in most cases, will have to be planted in a raised mound. There are no exceptions! Moving the tree being
planted over a few feet will not work, as the old tree’s root systems still affect the planting of the replacement

# 5

Have you set up a temporary watering system for your new plants?

All plants should be hand-watered with a hose daily after installation. (When the top inch of the soil is dry to
the touch it is ready to be watered again. Clay soils may not require daily water, so check before you water every
time.) Detailed instructions on how to properly care for and water newly planted items is available upon

# 6

Have you gotten approval form your HOA ?

Some Home Owners Associations require board approval of any changes to your existing landscape, even when they
are improvements. Be sure to check with your HOA to avoid having to pay unexpected fines when planting, removing or
transplanting plant material in your landscape.


S & J Nursery Warranty Information For Plant Installations

All plants are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase. Homeowners are responsible for plant care
after that point. These are live items and will not remain live items without proper care. You can call our office
at 904-522-1786 and we will be happy to help you with any questions and concerns you may be having. Please don’t
hesitate to call.