A Listing of Tropicals and Exotics Alphabetically with Links to Each Page

This is a listing of the selections we grow and sell throughout the year,

call the office at 904-522-1786 for current availability.

Angels Trumpet

Angel;s Trumpet Tree Brugmansia St Augustine Florida

Alocasia Calidora

Alocasia calidora in a mixed container

Alocasia Portora

Alocasia portora in a mixed container planting

Alocasia Regal Shields

Alocasia regal Shields

Banana Shrub

banana Shrub Florida

Banana Ornamental Red Maurelii’

Red Banana

Cestrum Pink

lavender Pink Cestrum Blooms

Cestrum Red

Red Cestrum Newelii

Yellow / Orange Cestrum

( information page coming soon )

Colocasia Dragon Heart

Note: We no longer grow this cultivar due to lack of vigor compared to other cultivars with a similar apperarance

Colocasia Dragon Heart

Colocasia Hawaiian Eye

Colocasia Hawaiian Eye

Colocasia Maui Gold

Colocasia maui gold

Colocasia Mojito

Colocasia Mojito foliage up close

Colocasia Royal Hawaiian Black Coral

Colocasia Black Coral

Colocasia Hilo Bay

Colocasia Hilo bay foliage up close

Colocasia Tea Cup

Cordyline / Hawaiian Ti Plant Auntie Lou

Cordyline fruticosa hawaiian Ti Auntie Lou

Cordyline Hawaiian Ti Plant ‘Black Majic

Cordyline fruticosa hawaiian Ti Black majic

Cordyline Dwarf Chocolate

Cordyline Dwarf Ruby

This plant seems to be out of circulation as I have not been able to find a supplier

for plant material for the last few seasons

Cordyline Electra

Cordyline electra

Cordyline Exotica

Cordyline Exotica

Cordyline Dwarf Fairchild Red

( we no longer have a supplier that keeps this item in stock)

Cordyline Hot Pepper

cordyline hot pepper hawaiian Ti Plant

Cordyline Red Sister

Cordyline Hawaiian Ti Red Sister

Croton Mammy

Croton mammy

Croton Oakleaf

Croton Petra

Croton Petra foliage up close showing all of the colors

Devils Trumpet

Datura blooms St. Augustine Florida

Duranta Gold mound

Gold Mound Duranta folaige up close

Farfugium Aureo maculata / Spotted Leapard Plant

Farfugium Aureomaculata

Farfugium Japonicum Crispata

Farfugium Crispata foliage up close

Farfugium ‘Gigantea’ / Tractor Seat Plant

Farfugium Gigantea Folaige up close in hand to show size

Farfugium Variegated ‘Argentum’ / White edged Leopard Plant

( information page coming soon )

Ginger Petiolata Variegated Curcuma

Variegated Curcuma periolata in the St. Augustine area landscape

Ginger Curcuma Siam Sparkling

Ginger ‘ Silver Spot’

Peacock Ginger crop in nursery containers St. Augustine Florida S & J Nursery

Ginger Pine Cone / Shampoo Ginger

Shampoo pinecone ginger cones

Ginger Pinstripe Variegated Alpinia

Pinstripe Ginger Alpinia foliage

Ginger Pink V / Butterfly Hedychium

Ginger Hedychium Pink V peachy pink Blooms against the sky

Ginger ‘Disney’ / Coccineum

Ginger Hedychium Disney blooms

Ginger Bronze Peacock

Hibiscus Double Butterball / Double Yellow

Hibiscus Celia / Double Red

Hibiscus celia double red blooms up close

Hibiscus Fort Meyers Yellow

Hibiscus fort meyers yellow bloom up close S & J Nursery St. Augustine Florida

Hibiscus Jane Cowl

Hibiscus rosa senensis jane cowl double peach blooms up close

Hibiscus Painted Lady

Hibiscus President Red

HIbiscus Red " president "

Hibiscus Red Hot

Hibiscus Seminole Pink

Hibiscus rosa senensis Seminole Pink bloom up close showing large blooms with a deep pink throat

Hibiscus Snow Queen

Hibiscus Snow Queen Jacksonville Florida landscape full size plant

Hibiscus White Wing

Hibiscus white wing bloom up close showing red throated white petals

Jacobinia Pink Brazillian Plume Flower

Justicia Carnea Jacksonville Florida landscape Braqzillian plume flower

Jacobinia Brazillian Plume Flower White

Lady of the Knight Burnfelsia americana

Night Blooming Jasmine

Night Bloomin g jasmine Northeast Floridscape St. Augustine S & J Nursery container


Oleander Dwarf Pink

Oleander Dwarf Salmon

Dwarf Oleander Petite Salmon Flaige and blooms up close in St. Augustine Florida

Powder Puff Dwarf( information page coming soon)

Calliandra emarginata

Dwarf Powder puff calliandr emarginata

Powder Puff Rainbow Pink

Calliandra suraminensis

Rainbow powder puff calliandra suraminensis

Powder Puff Red

Calliandra haematocephala

Calliandra haematocephala Powder puff red

Powder Puff White

( information page will be the same as for the red, this is just a white color variant of that red one. I am currently growing both selections, but not in all sizes call for availability)

Calliandra haematocephala

Shrimp Plant Fruit Cocktail

Shrimp Plant Large Red Bloom

Shrimp Plant Red St. Augustine Florida

Shrimp Plant Giant Yellow

Golden Shrimp Plant / Yellow whrimp plant St. Augustine Florida

Shrimp Orange / Red

Nursery container 3 gallon black pot shrimp plant orange red in full sun exposure

Tibouchina Dwarf Variegated ‘Olivia