Tibouchina ‘Olivia’

Tibouchina ‘Olivia’

( Tibouchina urvilleana ‘TBO1 Olivia’ )


Tibouchina Olivia Origins:

– Tibouchina Olivia is an exciting new introduction from Ozbreed Plants. Bred for its impressive color changing foliage that just adds another interest to the already showy plant. This one is new here at S & J Tree Farm and Nursery and being a lover of variegated foliage I cant wait to get this one in my garden and see how it looks! The new crop should be ready end of summer 2012.

Tibouchina Olivia Preferred Exposure:

– Plant in full sun or partial shade in the North Florida | Jacksonville |
St.Augustine area gardens. Afternoon sun locations would be

Tibouchina Olivia Foliage | Bark:

– Subtle variegated foliage changes colors through the season developing splashes of pink green and yellow throughout the year.

Tibouchina Olivia Soil Preference / Salt Tolerance:

– Tibouchina Olivia will prefer rich, slightly acidic soils with good drainage.

– Salt tolerance unknown

Tibouchina Olivia Size Variance:

– Tibouchina Olivia grows 3-6 ft tall and wide depending on growing conditions and care etc.

Tibouchina Olivia Growth Habit:

– Full lush foliage is easily achieved with light prunings in the summer following a bloom cycle and a deeper pruning each spring.

Tibouchina Olivia Growth Rate:

– Moderate grower, you can expect a Tibouchina Olivia to reach its full potential in its third season in the landscape from a 1 gallon sized plant.

Tibouchina Olivia Bloom:

– Red velvety buds open to large brilliantly royal purple 5 petaled flat flowers, the plant blooms heavily in the spring and in cycles during the summer and fall in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine gardens landscape . Very showy, even when planted at a distance from viewing

Tibouchina Olivia Water Requirements:

-Tibouchina Olivia will need supplimental irrigation after the establishment period, especially during hot dry summers and will thrive in North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine areas hot and humid conditions.

Butterfly or Bird Attracting:

– NA

Best Uses For Tibouchina Olivia:

– Not preferred and rarely bothered by browsing deer.

 – Showy accent plant or taller shrub for the back of the border perennial

 – Can be trained into a small “patio tree” in warmer climate zone areas.

Care of Tibouchina Olivia:

 – Tibouchina Olivia is a more cold hardy selection due to its urvilleana
heritage, it is said to be able to tolerate frosts as hard as 14-17 Degrees fareinheit and still be able to regrow for the next blooming season. Simply prune off any winter damage, or if none prune out at least 1/3 to 1/2 of last years growth and fertilize in the spring immediately after pruning.

 – Water every day during the establishment period, and supplimental irrigation will be needed after the plant is established in the landscape for best results, especially during prolonged periods of drought.

– Tibouchina Olivia will respond well to pruning and should be pruned heavily in the spring if the winter did not do the pruning for you, followed by a lighter pruning in summer following a blooming cycle.

– Fertilize each spring with a heaping shovel full of well aged compost or a slow release poly coated plant food such as Osmocote or Stay Green general purpose plant food, sprinkling the fertilizer around the mulch circle underneath the foliage of the plant.