Varieties Bermuda Grass

Varieties of Bermuda Grass






Flora Tex 

    Flora Tex was released by the University of Florida and Texas A & M as a collaborative effort in 1993. It is proposed to be a happy middle ground between high maintenance Hybrid Bermuda grasses and low maintenance Common Bermuda Grass. It has a lower fertilizer and water requirement when compared to various hybrids. Flora Tex Bermuda sod produces a high quantity of seed heads but is supposed to be less susceptible to dollar spot and Bermuda grass mites. 



Bermuda 419 

     This Bermuda Hybrid is grown for its low growth habit and fast spreading capability. Both factors that make its use as a sports field or golf course grass ideal. Neither characteristic make it a suitable lawn grass. The low growth habit tends to make weed germination easy and its fast spreading characteristics makes it more maintenance than is welcome in a home landscape situation to keep Bermuda 419 out of surrounding plant bed areas and neighboring yards.  

     Bermuda 419 is also not salt tolerant like common Bermuda. It is however characteristically drought tolerant like other forms of Bermuda and recovers quickly from pest problems. The low growth height is reported to make this turf more susceptible to wear and traffic damage than other Bermuda grasses, although it does recover quicker so maybe it evens out well in that regard.