Welcome to our new website

I am super excited to finally have the website restructure in place where I can start to add all the new great plant selections that we grow and edit images and info on the ones that are already there! With almost 400 pages of content it was quite the undertaking and I am so glad to have had great help getting it in place!

While I designed and created the last one all on my own and was very happy with the way it was, it was growing more and more outdated every day and I was no longer able to edit or add anything because the software company I designed it with was out of business and no longer supporting their login keys! Not only that but the links to navigate from page to page no longer functioned on cell phones without a hassle!

It’s literally been a few years since I have not been able to access those files. UGH, it was all out heartbreaking. But all good things must come to an end, and it will give me a good chance to go over all the info pages and see if I still agree with myself from 10 years ago. HA!

Not to mention my photo collection has increased exponentially so I’m happy to get to go through them all and pick new images for the plants!

Good things to come!