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Located in St. Augustine Florida  – Just take the World Golf Village Exit  –
(International Golf Parkway) off of I-95 Coming from St. Augustine make a left onto International Golf
Parkway  – coming from Jacksonville, maka a right onto International Golf Parkway / make a right onto S.R.16 /
stay on 16 till you dead end into State Road 13, make a right on 13 and we are just about a half mile up on
the right!

S & J’s Retail Nursery to large to

  Take a tour of our tree farm and nursery at Trout Creek on one of our golf carts and
personally select your own trees, palms and plants. At S & J Nursery, you can decide to hop on a golf cart
parked outside of the office and look to your hearts content on your own or with an experienced nursery-worker at
your side. Stop by the office and ask for some help, or wonder about on your own— its your choice!

S and J Retail Nursery Plants

  As a plant collector myself one of my all time favorite pass times is roaming around nurseries, amusement
parks, the local zoo, come to think about it I look at plants everywhere I go, much to the amusement and sometimes
annoyance of friends and family. We understand its different strokes for different folks and we will leave you to
look for yourself if that’s what you prefer.

S & J Nursery Retail Plants

Have a great time on your tour, bring a furry friend or even take the kids for a ride! If, while on your golf cart tour, you have a question or can’t find a price,
just pick up the radio set on each golf cart and call the office, we will get you the help you need and you
can be on your way to the next beautiful tree you see.

S and J Nursery’s Professionals Available to Help

If one look into S and J’ s nursery site after you drive in has you overwhelmed with where to start, stop
by the office and ask for some help. We have professional growers available to assist you with your plant

Don’t be shy, it is impossible to bug us by asking plant questions, trust me, as much as we love what we
do, we would much rather ride around or talk with you than get back to work!!!

S & J Nurseryin St Augustine Florida Retail plants help with your plant choices

Tell us what your working on, bring in some photos on your cell phone or sketch out the
area for us to see the size and the surrounding elements to work around.

Get to know what type of soil you have and what areas receive full sun or some shade so we will be able
to help you select the right plant for the right place!

Get a head of the game, Knowing which plants work in various situations ensures your plants the best
possible growing environment so they will flourish with little care rather than constantly struggling to survive in
the wrong location. Its what we are here for!

S and J Tree Farm and Nursery is a GROWER Not Just a Plant Vendor!

S & J Tree Farm and Nursery open for retail sales open to the public

As a grower with over 45 acres in production, our plants are inspected quarterly by the Florida Department of Agriculture to ensure that you are getting the
best quality plants available. All plant stock is reviewed by the state and documented then treated according
to their recommendations when problems occur.

We grow and care for thousands of plants every day and are well aware of current plant problems troubling
the state of Florida at any given time. Our growers know and watch out for as well as know how to treat them when
they occur.

Purchasing your plants from our nursery ensures that you always have a helping hand when needed.

S and J Nursery is a member of the Florida Nurseryman and Growers Association with over 70 years of
experience in plant care and maintenance.

Check out our Plant Installation
 to help avoid unforeseen expenses when purchasing large
material for installation.