Your Florida Landscape book review

Your Florida Landscape

A Complete Guide to planting and maintenance

By: Robert J Black and Kathleen C. Ruppert

University Press of Florida

Your Florida Landscape book reviewCharlotte’s Green Bookworm Your Florida Landscape book review:

This has been one of my all time favorite reference manuals for Florida Gardening for a long time
now. As you can imagine I get asked allot of gardening questions, and somehow I have to learn to translate all the
industry lingo and rather boring and probably unnecessarily scientific information in my head into well, just plain
cohesive English for everyone to understand. ( Not always the easiest task, I can just mention the word terminal
bud or apical meristem instead of saying the tip of the new growth on the plant stem and watch my customers eyes
glaze over as their head keeps nodding as we discuss how to prune their new prized plant.)

Β This book does bring all the science and explanations down to plain old English, and does it
well. Needless to say my copy of Your Florida Landscape is a
raggedy looking thing! I reread it frequently to keep those answers simple and readily available to my mind. πŸ™‚

That’s why I love this book so much, every time someone asks me ” Where did you go to school ” or
“How in the world do you know all this stuff?” I tell them there’s a great book called…you guessed it
Your Florida Landscape that can help. Florida gets allot of what we lovingly refer to as
“Transplants” (gotta love the plant reference) …people in the industry and even homeowners that have moved down
from colder climates, the plants are different, the seasons are different, the bugs are everywhere, and its always
green! I refer them to this book, especially all the new lawn maintenance and landscapers I come across.
Your Florida Landscape is really great with bringing the basics of planting and
maintaining what you have in the Florida landscape down to a digestible level. And if your new to planting in
Florida’s challenging yet rewarding climate, this book has the answers you need!

Amazon Book Review Rant

When I think of gardening in Florida I think of this book so its my first review I wanted to

I looked this book up on Amazon to make sure they are still selling it, and to pick up a copy for
a new employee used to gardening up both. Well they had the book, and of coarse I had to read the reviews, there
were only a few reviews. One reviewer (I’m pretty sure she never read the thing, because it didn’t sound like the
same book to me, and I’m pretty familiar with it)didn’t like it because it didn’t have anything on insects
management, so I pulled out my copy to make sure I wasn’t crazy and checked…40 pages of insect management without
counting all the photo pages in the back , another complained about it not being a picture book and I forgot the
other one, it must not have been personally offensive. πŸ™‚ Wow I’m such a nerd, you’d think I helped write the

It was just not right, I’ve never written a review on anything before that I remember but my
feelings were hurt, this was just an example of blatant injustice!!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE FLORIDA GARDENING BOOK!!!
Well Ok, so i probably have lots of favorites in lots of different categories of gardening , but this one is like
the introduction to Florida Gardening favorite for across the board know everything you need to know right now
garden book for Florida .

So anyway I thought I would include my little rant on Amazon in case you didn’t notice that I
love this book and think everyone should read it! In fact that’s why I read it, I was in a local FNGLA ( Florida
Nursery Growers and Landscape Association ) class many, many years ago and the teacher said that we all should get
this book and read it! He loved this book and thought everyone should read it, so I did, and now so do I. So
anyway…I’ll shut up now here’s my crazy Amazon Book review rant….

Being in the Florida Agricultural industry for over 15 years I have literally read every book on the shelf
when it comes to the Florida landscape. This one is BY FAR THE BEST.

Gardening in Florida can be an overwhelming change to people coming down from up North. This book answers every
concern I hear over and over in the garden center beautifully. I’m convinced that if you read this book you will
understand more about how to deal with your garden and landscape better than half the guys out there mowing your

This book has everything from planting and establishing plants into the landscape to watering in different soils,
transplanting plants in Florida’s heat, fertilization needs, mulching options and uses, composting, how tree
plantings and root systems differ in Florida to the rest of the nation, what to look for at a nursery when
selecting plants and trees, how to prune, when to prune, how to deal with plants including palms and their
nutritional deficiencies in Florida soils, cold protection, how to control Florida’s weeds with our never ending
growing season, the list just keeps going.

This is not a book of Florida plants but a book on planting in Florida. My favorite part is probably the extensive
section in the back that deals with Florida’s insect pests, if you’ve done much gardening in Florida you quickly
realize that the drawback to a year round growing season is year round pests!!! It also goes into great detail on
common plant problems that aren’t pest related.

I do agree with some of the reviews in that I would have liked to see the photos of insects and plant problem
examples on the pages where they were being discussed. But again, this is not a picture book of plants but a book
on planting in Florida, why its different from what your used to and how to deal with it. This book is an absolute
fountain of knowledge, a “MUST READ” for all of those new to the industry or homeowners needing help with their
Florida landscape and getting 10 different conflicting answers at their local “big box” hardware store. πŸ™‚