The Southern Living Garden Book

The Southern Living Garden Book

The Final Word on Southern Gardening for more than 35 years

By: Steve Bender

Oxmoor House

¬†Charlotte’s Green Bookworm

” The Southern Living Garden Book” review:

Let me start by saying when it comes to southern gardens, this book is all inclusive! If there ever
was an authority on the subject of gardening in the South’s hot climate, this is it! From the breakdowns of Climate
Zones to plant selection, preparation and placement, to a guide of gardening technical terms techniques and basic
plant care, it even has a directory of major botanical gardens to visit!

But that’s not why I love this book, it has an encyclopedia of over 7000 plants, including
drawings, gardening tips, and easy to read symbols that tell you where to plant, how much water they need and even
lists the best selections for Southern gardeners and descriptions of them. So whenever i second guess myself on
where to pout a plant, when to transplant, divide or fertilize, I get out this book. Its the reference manual for
everything that grows in the south!

I use this book all the time, simply because I know its going to be accurate, specifically for how
that plant will perform for me here in my hot southern garden, not how that plant will perform in the other two
thirds of the United States like most gardening books are designed, and I know the plant I’m looking for is going
to be there, with the help I need for peace of mind.