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Plants for the Northeast Florida Landscape

( Tulbaghia violacea)
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Society Garlic Origins:


- These 'Florida Friendly' landscape plants are native to South Africa. They are an ideal landscape plant for low maintenance, low water, no trim landscaping.


Society Garlic Preferred Exposure:


- Society Garlic will prefer a full sun or partial sun and partial shade location in the North Florida | Jacksonville| St. Augustine area landscape.


 - Although you may find references to this plants use in a fully shaded location, flowering will be sparse if at all when plants don't get enough sunlight.


Society Garlic Foliage:


- Thick almost succulent like foliage is thin and strappy, upright clumps form a  rounded mound of gray green foliage.


 - Evergreen down to 20-25 degrees F. If planted in cooler climates of frost prone areas trim back foliage to ground level i spring ad the plant will regrow and bloom quickly.


 - Foliage is highly fragrant and can be used in cooking, use similar to how you would use green onions foliage for a mild garlic flavor.



Society Garlic Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:


- These plants are goof proof, plant in acid or alkaline, wet or dry locations in any soil composition.


- Medium salt tolerance.


Society Garlic Size Variance:


- Society Garlic can grow 1-2 ft in Height and eventually spread1-2 ft Wide.


Society Garlic Growth Habit:


- Evergreen, clumping almost grass like perennial forms an attractive dense mound of foliage.


Society Garlic Growth Rate:


- Society Garlic is a fairly fast grower, expect them to double their size in the first year after being planted. 


Society Garlic Bloom:


- Beautiful lavender trumpet shaped flowers in circular clusters on the ends of flowering stalks held high above the foliage in spring summer and fall in he North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape. Flowers most profusely in the spring with 10- 20 flower stalks on a mature clump at a time!



Society Garlic Water Requirements:


- Low water needs make Society Garlic ideal for Xeroscapes plantings.


- Plants will require supplemental irrigation after being planted in the ground from the S & J Nursery container but will survive on their own with little help after establishing itself into the landscape.


Butterfly or Bird Attracting:


- Society Garlic is not touted as a butterfly or bird attracting plant. .


Best Uses For Society Garlic in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area garden:


- Society Garlic is an excellent perennial selection for the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape.


- Low maintenance, compact low growing habit and lots of blooms our a long period of time make it a garden staple that everyone should find a place for in the garden.


- Plant in masses around a bird bath or other accent for a beautiful and graceful display of blooms.


- Plant along the edge of a walkway or path for an added pop of color to lead you on your way.


- Excellent front of the border planting for an instant eye appeal. Great substitute for lower growing annual beds where you are just tired of having to replant each season for lots of flowering color.


 - Deer resistant landscape plant!


 - Fire resistant landscape plant!


Care of Society Garlic in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape:



- Plant may be dug and divided in the spring or in the fall every 3-5 years to make additional plants to locate in other areas of the garden.


- Water every day during the establishment period after planting in the garden from a nursery container.


- Fertilize each spring with a handful of garden compost or a mixture of Milorganite and a slow release poly coated plant food such as Osmocote or Stay Green general purpose plant food or 10-10-10.


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