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Moist or Wet Soil Garden Site

Shrubs and Shrub Alternatives

for Northeast Florida 

 Shrubs that Will Tolerate Moist Soils After Heavy Rains

Florida native Shrub Anise Yellow for Northeast Florida landscapes     Anise Yellow

Bottlebrush Dwarf macArthur Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Bottlebrush Dwarf Macarthur

Bottlebrush Red Alert

Bottlebrush Scarlet

Bottlebrush Slim Shrubs S & J Nursery     Bottlebrush 'Slim'

Euonymous Golden

Euonymous Silver

Gardenia August Beauty

Gardenia Mystery

Holly Shrub Dw. Burf. for Northeast Florida     Holly Burfordii

Schilling Shrub For Northeast Florida      Holly schillings Dwarf


Viburnum Mrs. Schillers Delight     Viburnum Walters 'Mrs. Schillers'

Viburnum suspensum Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Vibrnum Suspensum

Wax Myrtle Shrub S & J Nursery     Wax Myrtle


Shrubs and Shrub Alternatives That are

Tolerant of Water Logged Soils


Shrub choices can be severely limited with consistantly water logged soils. Fortunately in most of those areas, other options can be substituted to serve the same purpose.

In this list I have tried to include some other non traditional plant choices that will thrive in locations where you may be trying to decide on a shrub to install. Try to keep an open mind and remember that planting something that will thrive without any fuss from you in a moist r wet soil location will look far better than attempting to make something work that really is not meant for that area. In the end a better suited plant selection will give you a much better looking landscape.  

Florida Anise Yellow

Wax Myrtle Shrub S & J Nursery     Wax Myrtle

Wax Myrtle Dwarf


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