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There are so many species of Ginger plants in the Zingiberacea family, somewhere close to 1,300! Each type of gineger has its own unique growth habits, preffered sun, soil and water requirements etc. making it so that it is just impossibe to categorize these beautifully unique plant together as one group. Over the years I have sold ALOT of different types of ginger plants, and some have become favorites that we continue to cary today while others the entire stock has been sold out and are seem frustratingly impossible to find again!


Here is a simple breakdown of each of the commonly grown ginger varieties here at S & J Nursery with just a brief description of each to get you started as well as links to each of the selections we are currently growing at the Trout Creek Nursery site. I will do my best to keep this page updated on what selections are currently available, but Im not perfect so give me a call and Ill check to make sure we still have what your looking for anytime!


Alpinia Ginger Varieties   Ginger Varieties / Alpinia Formosiana Pinstripe Ginger

  • Light Shade ( morning sun and afternoon shade, or filtered light underneath tree canopies) 
  • Ample water / moist soils 
  • Root hardy to about 15 degrees 
  • Mostly winter dormant foliage in Norhtheast Florida / Jacksonville and St. Augustine area landscapes. Can remain evergreen depending on planting location etc. 
  • Will begin to bloom readily 2-3 years after being planted when roots have not been disturbed trim flowering canes down to ground level the following spring. 


S & J Nursery's Alpinia Ginger Cultivars    


Alpinia formosana 'Pinstripe'

Ginger Alpinia

Click the photo above for more information on Alpinia formosana 'Pinstripe'


Alpinia vittata - Currently out of Stock


 Alpinia zerumbet

Ginger Alpinia Variegated Shell

Click the photo above for more information on Alpinia Zerumber variegated Shell Gingers


Costus Ginger Varieties

  • Relative of gingers ( in the zingiberacea plant family) 
  • Light Shade ( morning sun and afternoon shade or filtered light under larger trees plants can take sun exposure when roots are shaded by surrounding plantings. ) 
  • Moist soils during growth times, dryer over winter 
  • Winter dormant foliage in the Northeast Florida Jacksonville and St. Augustine area landscape. 

 Costus woodsonii 'French Kiss'

( Red Button Ginger) 24-36 inch HxW


Types of Ginger For Norhteast Florida / Curcuma Ginger VarietiesCurcuma / Hidden Ginger Varieties

  • Big bold foliage and colorful blooms during the summer months 
  • Light shade or morning sun 
  • consistant water during the growing season, or irrigated landcape areas. Dry soils when dormant in the winter months. 
  • Winter dormant folliage reemerges from the underground rhizomes in late spring and early summer. 
  • Flowers make great long lasting floral arrangements 

Curcuma Raspberry


Click the image above for more information on Raspberry Hidden GInger


Curcuma Variegated Hidden Ginger 


 Click the image above for more information on Variegated White Hidden GInger


Globba / Dancing Girl Gingers

  • Smaller ginger selection only reaching heights of 1-3 ft fully grown 
  • partial shade planting locations, (morning sun and afternoon shade or filtered light underneath larger canopy trees. 
  • Winter dormant foliage 
  • Regular water during the growing season and light water in dormant winter months. 

 Currently out of Stock on all selecitons of Dancing Ginger


Hedychium / Butterfly Ginger Varieties   

  • Tall growing Ginger selections 
  • Full sun or partial shade 
  • Consistently moist soils 
  • Can range depending on Selection inheight from 2-9 ft 
  • Extremely fragrant flowers have a soft honeysuckle like fragrance 


 Ginger Hedychiym coccineum 'Disney'


Ginger Hedychiym coccineum 'Pink V'


White Butterfly Ginger Hedychium coranarium

Ginger Hedychium varities Butterfly Ginger White S & J Nursery 

Click the above photo for more information on

Butterfly Ginger hedychium coronarium


Kaempferia / Peacock Ginger Varieties Ginger Varieties for Northeast Florida / Kaempferia Gingers  

  •  Full Shade in Northeast Flroida or bright indirect light indoors 
  • Moist soils during the growing season 
  • Decorative foliage stays low to the ground and are often brightly patterned 
  • Winter dormant 


Peacock Ginger keampferia 'Silver Spot'

 Peacock Ginger S & J Nurseyr

Click the above photo for more information on

Peacock ginger silver spot


Peacock Ginger keampferia Bronze Leaf

 Bronze Peacock Ginger

Click the above photo for more information on

Ginger Bronze leaf Kaempferia


Zingiber Ginger Varieties   

  • Partial shade ( morning sun with afternoon shade or filtered light under taller canopy shade trees) 
  • Regular water, irrigated landscape, moist soils during growing season, dry during winter dormant months 


Edible Ginger Zingiber Officinale

Ginger Edible Zingiber Officinale 

Click the above photo for more information on Zingiber officinale

 Shampoo Ginger / Pinecone Ginger Zingiber zerumbet

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