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S & J Nursery's Mary Nell Holly Trees

for Northeast Florida

( Ilex Mary Nell )

Mary Nell Holly Origins:Holly Mary Nell S & J Nursery


- Not native to North America, the Ilex Mary Nell is an all female cultivated hybrid cross between Ilex latifolia and ( Ilex cornuta x ilex pernyi)

Mary Nell Holly Preferred Exposure:

  - Mary Nell Holly trees will tolerate both full sun and full shade equally well in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape. They will tend, like other Holly cultivar to have more berries with more sunny exposures.


Mary Nell Holly Foliage | Bark:


 - Mary Nell Holly has a deep dark almost olive like glossy green foliage that is heavily spine along the margins of the leaf.


- Bark of the Mary Nell Holly is a light pale tan.


Mary Nell Holly Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:


- Characteristics similar to most species of Holly trees, the Mary Nell Holly will prefer rich, slightly acidic well drained soils although they are widely tolerant of a range of soil conditions.


- Salt tolerance unknown



Mary Nell Holly Size Variance:


- The Mary Nell Holly can reach sizes of 10-20H | 10' W


Mary Nell Holly (Ilex Mary Nell) Growth Habit:


- Upright columnar growth habit and dense fully foliated branches, the Mary Nell Holly tree tends to be narrow taller than it is wide and gradually widening from top to bottom in a Christmas tree shape.


Mary Nell Holly Growth Rate:


- Slow growth rate makes the Mary Nell Holly an easily managed landscape plant for accenting the foundation of a home or used as a hedge or privacy screen.


Mary Nell Holly Bloom:


- Small white flowers in clusters in summer are followed by berries in the fall and winter.


Mary Nell Holly Water Requirements:


- Water well during the establishment period and any time after that when you are trying to get your Holly to flush new growth or when attempting to correct a nutrient deficiency in the soil.


- Mary Nell Holly trees will be drought tolerant once established in the he landscape.


Butterfly or Bird Attracting:


- unknown


Best Uses For Mary Nell Holly in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area Landscape:


- Mary Nell Holly's are an easy maintenance option when a narrow landscape accent is needed due to lack vertical space.


- The Mary Nell Holly also makes a great landscape specimen tree that will require little effort on your part to maintain its beautiful form and lush foliage.


 - The Ilex Mary Nell is an excellent wind screen or evergreen privacy barrier between neighbors or property lines. Drought tolerant with little care needed after establishment makes this Holly tree selection an easy choice for the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape.


- Prune branch tips each winter for Christmas season decorations that will last for weeks, the more you prune for decorations, the prettier your holly tree will be next year!


Care of Mary Nell Holly:


- Water every day during the establishment period. See watering your newly planted trees for more information.


-They will need good water during the establishment period and supplemental irrigation when attempting to add soil nutrients or after pruning to help flush new foliage.


- Provide a 1 ft diameter circle of mulched area where grass is kept from growing for each inch of caliper (or diameter) of trunk measured 4 inches from the ground level.


- Fertilize each spring with a mixture of milorganite or 'GreenEdge' and a slow release poly coated plant food such as Osmocote Plus slow release plant food fertilizer plants or Stay Green general purpose plant food, sprinkling the fertilizer around on the mulch circle area underneath the foliage of the tree.


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Why Use 'Osmocote Plus' fertilizer for the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape?


It's poly coated slow release granules allow you to fertilize without the excess waste going down into our water ways that you get when you fertilize with other water soluble fertilizers, Osmocote special poly coated fertilizer beeds are heat release and slowly swell up and burst over time, they don't dilute every time we get a rain or your sprinkler system comes on!!!


This slow release system makes it virtually impossible to damage your plant by over fertilizing. Its goof proof!


My favorite part about Osmocote Plus is there's no need to constantly re apply, not weekly, not semi weekly, not even monthly! Osmocote Plus fertilizer will last 6 months in the garden, so apply in the spring and again in late summer to keep your plants looking their best without the fuss.


  • Osmocote plus multi purpose plant food is ever made available for amateur use 
  • Each granule contains 12 essential nutrients 
  • Everything your plant needs to thrive and the 6-month feeding pattern is controlled by the most advanced technology in plant food 
  • One application feeds all season long up to 6 full months 
  • Works with virtually all plant varieties and in all soil conditions 

  Why Use 'Green Edge' fertilizer for North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area gardens and landscapes?  

You don't have to have been in Florida long to realize that there is just sand everywhere! The water provided by rains and irrigation systems disappears quickly into Florida's sandy soils.

Its especially important when planting new items into the landscape to make sure that your new plants are getting enough water and the root system isn't drying out. Think of milorganite as adding tiny sponges to the soil for the root system of your plants, they are soaking up and holding all that rain and irrigation water and slowly releasing the water and nutrients to your plants root system.

  • Slow Release Fertilizer with 100% Organic Nitrogen 
  • Does Not Burn Plants 
  • Adds Organic Matter to Soil and Helps in Nutrient Recycling 
  • Grows Your Plants with Less Water and is Environmentally Friendly 
  • Use It For All Your Gardening Needs! 

 Check out this link for more information on Mary Nell Holly Trees in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape.