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Looking Good Now and Sale Items... 

October 2015 

 Colocasia Mojito looking good now


 Colocasia Mojito's are looking great, big and full in the 3 gallon pot.


Regularly priced at $19.99 each now on sale




Mix and match with any of our great Alocasia / Colocasia varietes check them all out here...


S & J Alociasia Selections


S & J Colocasia Selections



Ginger Pink V

Gingers are still blooming! Fragrant white Butterfly Ginger and this beautiful Pink V will both perfume your yard with an amazing fragrance from gorgeous tropical blooms!

*Stock on the Pink V is quickly running out,maybe because it is the first year we have grown it, or maybe because every time one blooms it goes out the door! There are still a few one gallons and a few 3 gallons left in stock right now. So I can't offer the Pink V Ginger at a discount this year, but maybe next year!


White Butterfly Gingers are on sale in the month of October! The big bold white blooms are stunning in the garden and they smell fantastic, if you've never tried Ginger in your garden before, this one is for you! Easy care and lots of blooms year after year!

Ginger Fragrant White ButterflyBUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

1 gallons Regular price $ 4.99

3 gallons Regular price $12.99

7 gallon REgular price $35.00